Increase Your Bottom Line This Mother’s Day

Whether you run a hotel spa or a boutique salon, revenue streams are vital for the successful running of your business. Along with your treatments, services and retail stock, gift cards are a great source of income, as well as a great way of introducing new clients to your business.

Mother’s Day is a great time to introduce gift cards to your clients if you don’t already do so. With consumers spending three times as much on Mother’s Day compared to Father’s Day*, it isn’t surprising that gift card purchases make for an ideal present for loved ones to treat themselves on this special day. It’s never too late to start promoting gift cards to your clients and here are a few reasons why they are important to your business:

More Profit on Your Bottom Line

In a 2004 survey performed by First Data, they found that 82% of small to mid-sized businesses who use retail gift cards experienced increased sales.

Return Customers

Whether they are a regular or a new client, they will want to spend their gift and in most cases will spend more than the value of the card itself. Always offer to reload the gift card after it is spent to encourage them to return.

Don’t Worry About Selling out of Stock

Gift cards are easy to replenish and at a low cost to your business, you will want to keep them stocked up at all times. Place your gift cards at the till and near other popular retail items to catch your clients’ eye.

Collect Interest from Unredeemed Balances

Your business can benefit from the additional interest income that comes from retail gift cards. When a gift card is purchased, you have the cash in hand. Even though the money is unearned until redeemed, you can still deposit it in an interest bearing account and collect the interest.

Order your gift cards with Premier Software before February 16th 2016 and you will receive the equivalent amount of gift card holders free! Not only that, but we have a selection of gorgeous Mother’s Day gift card holders to choose from. Call 01543 466 580 or email to place your order today. Give your customers an easy way to give gifts this Mother’s Day.

*Carlsberg UK’s Consumer Insights Report 2014