How to encourage client retention

You’ve brought in plenty of newbies with advertising, but what about client retention? That’s the challenging part – keeping them! Earning the trust of your clients is perhaps more important than piquing their interest, as it creates loyalty, repeat business and recommendation.

With that in mind, here are five simple tips to increase your client retention.


Pre-book appointments

It’s always worth asking your client when they’d like their next appointment, as they’re more likely to return. Phrases such as “we want to ensure you keep that beautiful style” really help convince your client to book their next appointment without sounding pushy.


Relate to your clients

If you’re able to relate to your clients on a personal level, chances are they’ll feel respected and stick around longer. This applies both in-person and through social media! Personalising a client’s experience, like keeping track of their preferred staff member or even how they take their tea, will ensure they feel remembered.


Implement a loyalty scheme

Simple but effective perks such as ‘half-price highlight Wednesdays’ can entice existing clients back. Even a loyalty points system or social media promotion to followers can incentivise people to return.


Ensure your staff are happy

Your salon staff are the people your clients are going to see. Should one of your stylists move to another salon, then his or her clients could follow suit. It’s therefore important to regularly check in on your staff to make sure they’re happy.



Reaching out for feedback is useful for both you and your clients – letting them know they’re listened to and valued. Whether it’s in-person or through social media, you can use feedback to promote positive recommendations to influence other clients, or act on negative feedback to improve your services.


With just some of our handy tips, you’ll soon encourage client retention if you’re not already. For a helping hand, Salon by Premier Software has many of the above features, including keeping track of client preferences. For more information, visit us at: