International Chocolate Day

How to capitalise on this year’s weird holidays

The year has plenty of weird and wacky holidays for your salon to capitalise on. Here are just some important dates you can pamper to:


International Women’s Day

(8th March)

To celebrate this day, why not highlight your female staff’s successes on social media? This three-pronged approach will promote your staff, services, and this international holiday all in one go! You could even decorate your salon with inspirational quotes from women and post them on social media.


World Turtle Day

(23rd May)

Yes, this is a thing and we should embrace it! Turtles have beautiful shells and more earthy colours that could be patterned on nails. Provide some unique designs and deals for the day to attract an intrigued audience! If that’s not quite your cup of tea, there’s also World Frog Day on 20th March and World Penguin Day on 25th April to inspire related colour palettes.


International Friendship Day

(4th August)

Nothing quite beats the power of friendship. So, why not offer group treatments or discounts for the day if clients bring a friend? That way, you can promote the group packages, benefit from potential new business and celebrate International Friendship Day in style.


International Chocolate Day

(13th September)

If there’s ever a day to sweeten the deals, it’s International Chocolate Day. Chocolate face masques offer a hydrating and detoxifying experience that’s sure to be popular if promoted in advance! If you’re a spa, you could offer a 2-for-1 on full body wraps in cocoa, enticing in groups of choco-lovers.


Talk like a Pirate Day

(19th September)

Yaaaar, with Jack Sparrow eyeliner and plenty of windswept hairstyles to take advantage of, it makes sense to embrace the fun. Make the most of the day with a tailored nautical package for clients to say ahoy to blacks, golds and faded browns for nails, sea colours for hair or sea salt therapy treatments.


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