holiday entitlement

How much holiday are your salon staff entitled to?

One in 12 workers aren’t receiving the minimum amount of holiday they’re entitled to.

Shocking, right? We all know what it’s like to work hard for several months straight and want a bit of time off. Do you know how much you’re entitled to, though?


How do I work out my holiday entitlement?

The general rule of thumb is to multiply your days of work by 5.6 to cut to your golden figure. For example, someone who works five days will multiply that by 5.6, making 28 days of holiday entitlement per year.

Working Time Regulations use this rule for full-time staff, although with so many salons using flexible and part-time hours pro rata, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, the National Hairdresser’s Federation (NHF) can work out holiday entitlement and pay can using hours should you contact them on 01234 831965.


What about bank holidays?

For Salons that open at the start of the week, you’ll have to contend with the hair-raising confusion of bank holiday Mondays! If your salon is due to open on a bank holiday, then depending on if you include those days in the annual holiday entitlement, your staff aren’t necessarily entitled to have that day off as paid holiday. They can, however, take annual leave on any date surrounding it.


New employees

It’s always best to round up the figure to the nearest full day, as you can’t round it down. If your staff leave during their probation and after they’ve taken paid holiday, then that pay will be taken from their final wage.


Is sick leave and annual leave the same?

Falling ill is sometimes unavoidable. Being off sick isn’t the same as taking annual leave, although your staff can request to take this whilst sick. Similarly, they can call in sick whilst on annual leave, changing their time off to sick leave instead.


Whether you need to book off days or weeks, tools such as Salon by Premier Software are guaranteed to help you record holiday and manage staff rotas. For more information, visit us at: