Strive for Effective Appointment Scheduling

Taking booking from guests is a key element of a spa operation, whether that involves scheduling spa time, treatments or an activity, and every spa needs to ensure it maximises occupancy.

Intuitive software can help you attain the maximum yield from your spa, ensuring appointments are scheduled back-to-back, as small gaps in the diary can lead to a massive loss in productivity.

By quickly and effectively scheduling appointments via a search facility, you are not only ensuring the appointment is booked at the right time, but also that it is the best fit for the business and client.

An intelligent booking system should ensure the client is eligible to have the appointment they have requested, checking their history in real time for contra-warnings and their medical consultation, perhaps on a tablet or iPad so that the information goes directly into the system.

We should also consider the well-being of the therapist; software can help in reducing the possibility of repetitive strain injury. By monitoring the number of intensive treatments being carried out, the therapists can be prevented from being over-booked.

Online booking tools can also help with the yield of the spa, allowing appointments to be made 24/7, but still using the treatment at the optimal time and spreading the services equally across your team of therapists.