Top Tips for Dealing with Negative Online Feedback

Face-to-face interaction is most likely second nature in the hair and beauty industry, whether you’re busy chatting away with a client or dealing with a complaint. How do you then respond to negative feedback online?

With the rise of social media, clients are able to give prompt and direct feedback following their appointment without the need for a face-to-face conversation. This can be infuriating and in some instances, damaging to your business. Below are some tips on how to deal with these customers in the right way when complaints go digital.

Don’t go guns blazing

It can be tempting to rush straight in to put the record straight when a complaint or issue arises, however ensure that you plan an appropriate response. Think about what is being said and reflect on how you would like to be dealt with if you were the customer.

Sorry doesn’t have to be the hardest word

Whether you or your business is at fault, it is always best to start your response with an apology. You want the client to be aware that you understand their upset or distress, which will benefit your business in the long term and show other clients that you are willing to tackle negativity with a professional head.

Take action

Once a client has addressed an issue, be sure to move the conversation somewhere more private. After apologising for the negative experience they have had, ask them to drop you a private message/email/telephone call to discuss the matter further. Listen to what the customer has to say, followed by what you will do as a business to resolve the situation.

End on good terms

Never end the conversation on a negative. If appropriate, offer the client a discount or offer on their next visit, but always ensure you invite them back. Mistakes and errors will be made, but the most important thing is learning and moving on from there.