Avoid January Blues with These New Year Marketing Ideas

With Christmas rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning your January and February marketing. It’s difficult to think about anything past the frenzy that is Christmas. We are all notoriously short of cash in January, and there isn’t so much of a need to feel pristine and pampered after those Festive celebrations.

This blog shares some ideas to help boost New Year profits.

New Year – New You

We all plan our New Year’s resolutions come the end of Christmas. Many of us make self-promises for January to make new personal starts in many different ways.

Try adopting the angle of health and wellbeing by using, ‘new year – new you’ slogans that imply a fresh start.

Start during your busy Christmas period

Use Christmas to its full advantage by offering discounted services for those customers who rebook for January. Have offers for any client that recommend you to friends, and posts reviews online.

We all know the power of word of mouth and social media and there are lots of people out there seeking advice on where to go to change their look for the New Year.

Sell gift cards at slightly discounted prices; perhaps have an offer where anybody who purchases a £50.00 gift voucher will actually receive a voucher worth £55.00. Also make these discounted gift vouchers redeemable only in January and February.

Keep in trend with January Sales

We all love to bag a bargain in retail industry during January. Why not follow this trend by offering discounts on products and services.

This also gives you chance to clear out old stock, promote less popular services and your Junior Therapists.  These sales don’t have to be available around the clock; use your online booking to specify certain days and times during your quieter periods in the week.

The key to conquering the January downfall is to get organised; plan your marketing now and start your New Year with a bang!