Attention to Retail

When running a business it is vital to stay focused on all possible revenue streams. Traditionally, salons have a poor track record in selling products but retail sales should be a part of your overall strategy, not an impulse purchase that is left to the client.

Premier Software’s Appointment Booking and Marketing Software allows you to quickly and easily record a client’s service history, as well as the products they have purchased. It should be part of your staff training to ensure these details are checked before the client arrives, and again at point of sale, enabling your team to talk about previous purchases and recommend new products.

Some of you may provide your clients with samples or testers. If these are also added to the client’s record card, it makes it much easier for your staff to engage the customer in conversation about how they get on, and then turn this into an additional sale.

If a product is out of stock, your system should be able to add the item against a client’s card, so that when stock is replenished it will automatically remind your reception team to contact the client. This could either be by SMS, personalised phone call or an email generated through Premier’s Automated Marketing.

Cross-selling should not be limited to retail. When you introduce a new service or treatment, your system should be able to target specific groups of clients, offering the service at a discount. It’s surprising how effective this can be.

If you would like to learn more about how Premier Software can help to increase your retail sales, contact our Premier representatives today via email at or by telephone on 01543 466 580.