Why You Need Appointment Booking & Marketing Software

When running a business, day-to-day duties can be a bit of a balancing act. So much of your day can be spent working hard within the business that the focus on the business itself often wanes. Essential elements that lead to the success of the business, such as marketing and strategy planning, can get left behind in the hope that your business will perform as it always has done without the need to divide your energy elsewhere.

Although none of us have a Bernard’s watch, we are able to manage our time more efficiently, meaning you can focus more on all areas of the business. Premier Spa and Premier Salon’s Appointment Booking and Marketing Software is one way business owners can free up more time, allowing them to get back to their clients.

Premier Software‘s suite of products allow you to record client notes, manage client contact details, coordinate team members and their appointment schedules. As well as this Premier Software also provides a billing platform and provides critical information, allowing you as a business owner to see metrics at a glance in a variety of visual reports. This is especially important for bench-marking revenue, goals and overall success of your business, whether that be managing stock control levels or seeing how many clients missed their appointments.

Data collection is a massive part of informing where your business should be in the future and by using Premier Spa or Premier Salon, this can be achieved through your business reports. Being able to generate this information at a click of a button, you can start to see trends and patterns. This is great for informing any marketing promotions if you can see which treatments and services are your most popular and which aren’t.

Premier Spa and Premier Salon’s automated marketing feature can be set up to send emails to a certain criteria. This is a great, time-saving tool for all spas and salons, as you input which categories and criteria you want to focus on, create your email template and the rest of it is taken off your hands. Whether it’s a ‘Happy Birthday’ email to your clients with a special gift or a promotion on stock, Premier Software’s automated marketing does all the hard work for you. SMS reminders can also be set up through the software systems, reminding clients of their upcoming appointments – perfect for reducing no-shows!

If you invest in a really good appointment booking and marketing software that handles the business aspects of your salon, like Premier Software does, you will be able to focus on client care without the distraction. For more information on what Premier Software can do for you and what is included within the system, visit our website at www.premiersoftware.co.uk or phone one of our representatives today on 01543 466 580.