5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Loyalty Scheme

Whether you already run a loyalty scheme within your business or have been looking at ways to increase repeat business, we take a look at the top 5 reasons why your business needs a loyalty scheme (and how you can go about getting one).

Give Back to Your Clients

Your clients are your world, and it is a lovely gesture to be able to give something back to them for their investment in your business. Whether it is a free treatment that they can earn points to get or a discount on their next purchase in the salon or spa, offering them something that they will enjoy is a surefire way to encourage them to come back.

Show Your Clients That You Value Their Business

Rewarding regular visits encourages clients to visit you over your competitors. It’s more cost-effective to keep a happy client than it is to find new ones, so take the time to reward your existing clients. If your clients keep their loyalty card or tag in their purse or on their keyring, they will see your brand every time they leave the house. This is great positive reinforcement for your brand and ensures your clients never forget about you.

Reward Your Clients With Freebies

One of the most powerful loyalty incentives is offering a complimentary treatment or service alongside a purchase. Clients love being rewarded something free in return for the money they spend with you. Offering ‘two for one’ deals can be great for encouraging your client back into the salon at a later date, or alternatively sharing with a friend.

An Inexpensive Way of Increasing Client Loyalty

With most appointment booking and marketing software systems, you can set the points that clients earn for a set spend. You control how much clients can earn and what the points can be redeemed on, meaning you never have to give away more than you can afford. With a lot of competition from immediate salons or spas in your area, loyalty schemes are the easiest ways of maintaining client loyalty.

They Are a Quick Way for Your Clients to Engage

A loyalty scheme is a quick way of building relationships with your clients; it helps them feel rewarded for their visits and gives confidence in your brand. Each spend by your clients is one step closer to them receiving a treat, and what client is going to turn down a treat?

To create your own branded loyalty cards and tags for your salon or spa, speak with one of our representatives on 01543 466 580 or email sales@premiersoftware.co.uk to learn more about how a Premier Spa or Premier Software loyalty scheme can benefit your business.