Wellness trends for 2018

A new year always signals a change in trends, and with some scientifically proven products entering the market it could help you. Here are five of the top wellness trends for 2018 which will be seen across spas and gyms over the coming 12 months.

Brain Boosters – These little neurotropic vitamins are known to help boost clients’ brain power. They contain amino acids, nutrients and minerals which your body is already familiar with, that help with your focus levels.

Boxing Classes – With recent body positivity and women power, it is undoubtable that more women will be taking up these calorie-burning workouts. This is a great full body work out. Beating the punch bag can also help with your client’s stress and anxieties.

Collagen – To promote healthier nails, skin and hair, collagen is the one for your spa. It can be eaten, drank or put directly onto the skin. Other benefits include reducing joint pain and improving gut and liver health.

Moringa – This was found in North America as a super green food. It has twice the amount of protein and three times the amount of iron as spinach. Commonly ground into a protein powder and added to smoothies, soups and salads, watch out for this super-ingredient making its way into beauty products this year.

Unplug retreats – Self-care is important if not essential, so shouldn’t feel like an indulgence. It is key to have healthy rituals every day and switch off, to keep your mind and body energised. It could be having a bath, going to your gym or getting a massage.

Why not introduce these to your business? Keeping up with the latest trends will prove a great marketing tool for encouraging clients to visit you in future.