The Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Clients’ Skin

We all know the basic rules of looking after our skin, but sometimes we just slip into bad habits. To help guide your clients to keeping their skin smooth and radiant, we have identified a few of the bad habits that could be ruining their skin.

Not getting enough sleep

The recommended daily sleep is 8 hours but let’s be honest, how many of us manage to achieve that? It is however important to get those early nights in! When your skin doesn’t have enough time to regenerate it causes wrinkles. Let you’re skin do its magic by giving it the rest it deserves.

Not exfoliating

From an early age we have all had drilled in to us the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising but there’s one step the majority of us seem to miss out – exfoliating.

Not protecting from the sun

Whether the sun is beaming down on one of the rare British Summer days we have or whether it is overcast, your skin is still exposed to UV rays from the sun. Applying SPF daily will keep your skin from drying out and being damaged.