Ensure your receptionist is making you money!

Your receptionist is the first point of contact for your clients, from them walking in through the door to calling up on the phone, so you want to ensure they make the best first impression. Make sure your receptionist is making you money and taking full advantage of their role with our top tips:

1. Be friendly and polite – Make a great first impression by being welcoming and always having a smile. Use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when talking to people – gratitude can change the way people perceive you and create a name for your salon

2. Hook customers – Ensure clients feel relaxed and part of the “salon family”. You can do this by treating them as a friend as well as a client. It’s important to get to know them and have general chit chat to keep that connection. Salon lets you store clients favourite drink and magazine on their client card, which helps the receptionist to make the client feels at home.

3. Nail that next appointment – When they come to pay, your receptionist is perfectly placed to encourage clients to book their next appointment. For example, ask “When would you like to next book in?” rather than “would you like to book your next appointment?” You want a positive response from them, so you need to rephrase the question in a way in which you will lead to an encouraging answer.

4. Create awareness – Keep clients updated with your latest offers. This is more encouraging for them, and by physically telling them as well as having posters, it is reminding them, making it more tempting.

5. Positive body language – Make eye contact with the client. This helps to express you are interested in what the client is saying and shows you are genuine.

6. Wave and smile goodbye – Make sure your client leaves your salon on a positive note because you want them to return, so wave and smile, and show you care.

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