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More Bookings with Less Effort – The Benefits of Online Booking

Posted by Amy Douglas on Friday January 22nd, 2016

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Image Source: Huffington Post

The internet is a fantastic place to advertise and promote your business. More and more salons and spa’s are moving forwards with technology and using the internet as an active business platform.

This blog looks at the pro’s and con’s of online booking.

Open 24/7

Many people go online during unconventional business hours. Anyone who surfs the internet past 5pm is less likely to get through to a business they have found to book their service or treatment. Almost every home in the UK  has some sort of internet connection and statistics show that Brits are more likely to book online than remember to ring the next day. An online booking system will allow for you to take bookings in real time around the clock, 7 days a week.

Self creating client cards

Any client that registers online with you, should automatically have a client card created for them on your system. Create mandatory fields for your customers so that you can collect as much client data as possible without actually having to do anything yourself. When your clients log back into your system, they will be able to see previous appointments they have had and with which staff member.

Client control

You may feel slightly anxious that your clients have free reign of your diary. With most software providers, this isn’t the case. You can specify which members of staff can be booked, certain times of the day that clients can book their own appointments and select which treatments and services are bookable. For example, any treatment or service that requires a patch test may be listed online, however the client is instructed to call the salon or spa to actually book this appointment.

Decrease your workload without losing the customer service feel

Many salons and spas have online contact forms for clients to fill out. These forms cannot display clear availability nor do they allow for online payments or direct booking. Online booking takes out the middleman; you. Your clients can browse through the available appointments, choose their staff member and appointment time with a click of a button. They will receive a personal email confirmation once they have placed their booking. Add merge fields to your online booking to ensure that personal touch. Make your website flow by ensuring that your online booking feature is in the correct font and colour scheme.

Worried about no-shows?

We know some clients may get ‘click happy’. Customise your online booking to reduce your no shows. You can edit your payment settings to take full payment, deposits or newly registered client deposits. Run weekly online booking and no-show reports through your software system to ensure that the numbers are low. Appointment reminders are also a great way to ensure that your clients turn up for the service that they booked through your website. Check with your current software provider about client card settings; if you do have problems with the same client you should be able to prohibit them from booking their appointments online.


Online booking is a great way to move your business forwards. For more information about Premier Software’s online booking system, please call 01543 466 580.

Salonlite – Adding a ‘Book Now’ link

Posted by Ian Mellett on Friday July 05th, 2013

Online bookings are a great way to expand the availability of your business without adding extra cost.  Users are able to manage their own bookings straight from their browser, rather than having to remember to call you when they have time.

If you’re a Salonlite user, we’ve written some useful instructions to help you get up and running with online booking in a few simple steps

appPad – the Latest Innovation from Premier Software

Posted by Ian Mellett on Monday April 01st, 2013

Here at Premier Software, we keep a close eye on developing technology to see what’s being used by our clients, and how we can further develop our range of products to keep the modern salon or spa happy.

Over the last few years, we’ve recognised the development of apps such as Instagram, which takes your high-res, beautifully coloured pictures, and allows you to apply a retro theme to make your image look like it was produced in the mid 70’s.

So, taking design cues from all of these, we are happy to announce the arrival of our latest, most cutting edge product to date: The appPad™ .

Taking its design cues from years of traditional printing press designs, the appPad™ is a complete, printed diary – in trendy Moleskine – allowing you to completely customise your schedule by drawing in your own lines and dates.


Some of the incredible features of the appPad™

Write Direct With a Stylus

Tablet computers are great, but they’re sometimes infuriating to write with.  We’ve introduced a Stylus, which we call the appBiro, which allows you to write directly onto the surface of your appBook.

Easy Undo

Made a mistake?  Don’t worry about deleting. Instead, simply use your appBiro to scribble over the name of the client you accidentally booked in.

Multi-Coloured Appointment Scheduling

Appointments can be easily highlighted dependant on arrival, departure, type of appointment, or just because Mrs Smith really needs to be a fluorescent shade of green!  Simply move your special highlighter stylus  over the appointment repeatedly.

Easily Customisable

Want to add your own company logo? Easy, just print out your Company logo, cut it out and stick it to the front of your appPad™


Alternatively, if you’d like to purchase a product that manages your diary for you, and leaves no residual marks on your reception desk, please contact our Sales team to request details of our current software packages.


Pro Beauty London 2013

Posted by Ian Mellett on Friday March 01st, 2013

Around 35,000 beauty professionals descended upon Londons Excel Exhibition last weekend (24-25th of February) as this years Professional Beauty event took off, and once again the Premier Software stand proved as popular as ever.

Professional Beauty 2013

Premier Software clients got treated to a free expert training session from our dedicated training team, while potential clients were shown how our software can help them bring their business up to date. Visitors were impressed by the new features, from online booking for clients to a free, cloud based scheduling system for smaller businesses in the form of Salonlite.

Premier Software stand busy as ever

We even got people to join in with our ‘fish face’ competition, where visitors to our stand reproduced our now-infamous advert in a bid to win either free training or a free software package (winners still to be announced!).







Temporary Web Booking Outage

Posted by Ian Mellett on Wednesday October 17th, 2012

Unfortunately yesterday we encountered a brief outage of certain functionality of our web-booking system.

This would have only affected a very small number of clients, and only with a specific area of the system (where existing clients register for web booking), but we would like to offer our apologies to any sites who may have experienced this issue.

All systems are back up and working fully now, but please feel free to get in touch should you experience any further issues.